Alberton City News

Local Food Collection Drive Now in Action!

After 5 months in preparation and numerous setbacks from the city council, the Alberton Food Pantry Project is proud to announce that they now operational! The Alberton Food Pantry, the city-funded not-for-profit food pantry run by Council Chairman Flanders, is open to all who are not able to supply themselves with food. With the steady increase of homelessness in Alberton, it was deemed necessary by the city council in order to keep those less fortunate well and fed. Chairman Flanders notes in his interview on the importance of the food drive: We in the council wanted to make sure everyone had access to a sustainable supply of food and water. In our county's current economic state, those on the streets may not be able to climb back up the economic ladder, so the Alberton Food Pantry Project was agreed as the next best solution. All who are in need are welcome inside.

The Future of the Alberton Food Pantry Project

As time goes on, the AFP cannot sustain itself just from the Alberton City Council's grant money alone. There are an estimated 400 homeless and 600 more in monetary strain, with each estimated to rise in number in the upcoming years. The AFP is requesting donations of non-perishible foods, canned goods, pre-packaged ramen noodles, and cases of water bottles. This will ensure the longevity of both the food drive and the people who rely on it. Volunteers working in the Alberton Food Pantry as well as the homeless coming to get food will all appreciate your donations.

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