HTML/CSS Review Cards

Review Cards

Q) What type of tag is used to create these cards?

A) div

Q) Is it more efficient to use .css files or in-line styling?

A) .css files

Q) When assigning a value of zero to margins, paddings, etc, do you need a unit?

A) No

Q) What's the difference between classes and id's?

A) Classes can be used for multiple tags. ID's can be used only once and are used for linking to a specific part of a page.

Q) What character do you use to denote an animation or font-face?

A) @ (At symbol)

Q) What tag do you use to show pictures?

A) img

Q) Why do we use css instead of tables for page styling?

A) It's easier to code for and loads faster than tables.

Q) What's the importance of css?

A) To style a webpage, quite like how this page is. Without it, web sites would look pretty bland.